Few words cause more fear than the word Cancer. The word can refer to a variety of different things though. Before we look at the disease though, let’s look at a regular cell.

Your body is composed of somewhere between 15 and 70 trillion cells 1)www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/there-are-372-trillion-cells-in-your-body-4941473/. Inside most cells, is DNA which has a variety of functions but most importantly contains the information that makes us, us. Our cells have a “expiration date” coded into them that lets them know when to “die” through a process called apoptosis. Mutations are changes in the DNA sequences. The order of these sequences matters. DNA is made up of four chemicals. The order of these chemicals is what makes us, us. If we change the order, even a little bit, it can have significant consequences in our body. In cancer cells, the cells become damaged and refuse to die due to a genetic mutation in their DNA. Cells also have a gene that stops tumors from forming. In cancer cells, this gene has been turned off. To make a long story short, what happens then, is that these damaged cells spread and divide

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